Fortune 500 financial tools tailored for small manufacturers

Subcity provides focused financial solutions for small manufacturers through a suite of tailored tools and access to industry experts. We empower you with the capabilities of a Fortune 500 without the need for a large team or complex ERP installation.

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Data Analytics

Control Your Financial Future

Cash Flow Forecasting

Our intuitive cash flow forecasting tool lets you visualize your finances over the next 90 days and beyond. Integrating real-time bank balances, A/P and A/R data, and powerful scenario analysis, you'll make informed decisions that keep your business financially stable.

  • Seamless accounting integrations
  • Secure bank connections
  • Cash balance forecasting
  • Scenario planning
  • Monitoring & Alerts
Data Analytics

Streamline Your Manufacturing Processes

Job Profitability Analysis

Our advanced profitability and cost accounting tool provides a detailed view of your revenue, direct costs, and indirect costs by project. With built-in Bill of Materials (BOM) management and scheduling capabilities, you can accurately estimate future jobs, plan new product launches, and optimize resource allocation. By understanding your costs and streamlining your manufacturing processes, you'll make smarter decisions to improve efficiency and profitability.


Unlock Your Business's Growth Potential

Financing Solutions

Our easy-to-use application for economic incentives, tax credits, and other financing options connects you to the resources you need to expand your business. We'll help you navigate the financial landscape, from government grants to private funding, complete the application, and collect the funding your business is eligible for.


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Meet Subcity's incentives experts and connect your accounting software.


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Subcity scans your data and gives you a forecast for the coming year


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We offer access to financing, tax credits and a network of experts right from the dashboard

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In just 10 minutes, Subcity customers collect an average of $50,000 in tax credits, grants and discounts. There’s no up front retainer and no hourly fees. We work directly with your accounting and finance teams to make sure you collect every dollar you’re owed.

One percent of Subcity's equity is set aside for America's SBDC, the United States' most comprehensive small business assistance network.