Unlock Unclaimed Incentives for Your Manufacturing Business

Every year, billions in economic incentives go unclaimed. Subcity guides manufacturers through the complex maze of tax credits, enabling you to invest more, grow faster, and thrive.

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Navigating Incentives Shouldn't Be Costly

Complexity Costs Your Business

  • Sifting through thousands of programs is time consuming
  • Eligibility requirements are hard to navigate
  • Complexity and red tape discourage applications
  • Missing out costs your business valuable growth capital
Data Analytics

A Streamlined Common Application

Claim Your Share with Subcity

  • Discover and match in real-time
  • Most valuable programs floated to the top
  • Complete a single application for multiple programs
  • Get hands-on support from experts

A common application, built for manufacturers

Seamless Integration

Our platform works directly with your accounting and finance teams, and even integrates with your systems no extra software required.

Continuous Monitoring

Connect your systems and our real-time dashboard will track available incentives and potential cost savings as they become available.

Streamlined Applications

Subcity automates the otherwise laborious application process for you even filling out pdf's and sending letters.

Follow-Up Handled

We manage all the compliance requirements and follow-ups, freeing you to focus on your core business.

CEOs and finance teams agree

Subcity is trusted by American Manufacturers

How It Works


Discover Programs

Meet with Subcity's incentives experts and let our algorithms identify the best opportunities for your business.


Apply Once

A single, streamlined application allows you to reach multiple economic incentive programs at once.


Collect Dollars

We handle compliance, monitoring and fine-tune your applications to maximize your chances of success.

Ready to Unlock The Money You're Owed? Let's Talk.

Discover how Subcity customers qualify for an average of $50,000 in tax credits, grants, and discounts in just a 10-minute call.

  • No upfront retainer.
  • No hourly fees.

We seamlessly integrate with your accounting and finance teams to ensure you collect every dollar you're owed.

One percent of Subcity's equity is set aside for America's SBDC, the United States' most comprehensive small business assistance network.