Forecasting Simplified

Subcity simplifies cash flow forecasting by connecting to your accounting software and bank accounts, consolidating financial data in one place. Our real-time, automated forecasts enable swift, informed decisions, while proactive scenario planning and scheduled alerts let you know of potential cash challenges well before they happen.

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Cash flow information when you need it

Discover a streamlined approach to managing your business's finances with Subcity. Our user-friendly platform makes cash flow forecasting easier, more efficient, and accessible for everyone on your team.

Real-Time Updates

Subcity provides real-time updates on your cash flow without waiting for a finance expert to manually update the model. Access it anytime, ensuring you're always informed without unnecessary meetings.

Automated Risk Alerts

Our system runs tens of thousands of scenarios in the background, alerting you to potential risks without the need for manual configuration. Stay ahead of risks with our automated alerts.

Collaborative Editing

Allow multiple users to edit the tool, add notes, and highlight risks without creating a reconciliation nightmare. Edit projections without affecting existing AP and AR functions, making it a seamless integration into your financial workflow.

Automated Cash Planning:

  • No more time spent updating spreadsheets. All your accounts in a single place.
  • No more relying on a single model. Edit your forecasts and see the impact in real-time.
  • No more worry. Better financial decisions.

How to get started:

Create a Subcity Account
Connect accounting software
Review and edit your cash forecasts