Automated Invoice Processing

Import that unprocessed stack of invoices into to your accounting system by sending an email. No manual entry required.

Subcity is the easiest way to turn an unprocessed stack of invoices into a clean set of accounts payables entries.

  • Whether it's a pdf arriving in your inbox or a paper invoice from a vendor, simply forward to
  • A payable entry will immediately be created in your accounting software. No delays, no errors, no time spent. Just a clean accounts payable ledger.
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How Subcity Saves You Time:

  • Fast: No more waiting around for John in procurement to get that invoice to accounts payable. Subcity immediately processes emails and gets to them to your accounting system.
  • Accurate: No more errors from manual data entry. Subcity uses a combination of machine learning and human review to ensure accuracy.
  • Value Add:No more overpayments. Subcity automatically looks for and takes discounts, tax exemptions and resolves discrepancies with your vendor.

How to get started:

Create a Subcity Account
Connect accounting software
Start forwarding invoices