The Finance Team For America's Small Manufacturers

Subcity Helps Manufacturers Increase the Enterprise Value of Their Business

Under 50 employees? Use Quickbooks? Subcity monitors and forecasts cash flow risk and highlights ways to improve your margins. From cleaning up and maintaining the books, to strategic financial services, Subcity provides the expertise, the technology, and tools to help you understand and improve your core business on a daily basis.

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Subcity Meets You Where You Are

Software and human expertise without the expensive consultants and ERP system

Love your bookkeeper? Great! We can supercharge your existing accounting process and Quickbooks system. Subcity offers:

  • Project level P&L statements
  • Component-level breakdown of each project
  • Understanding impact of changes to input costs or labor
  • A learning system that gets smarter with each project

Additionally, Subcity offers strategic financial services via fractional CFOs and our software automatically identifies and can assist in applying for government tax credits, grants, and financing.

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Uphappy with your bookkeeper?

  • Get your own individual Bookkeeper who will execute our Made for Manufacturers Quickbooks Fixed process so you can stop worrying about accounting and focus on growing your business.
  • $100/hour to clean up your chart of accounts, properly classify previous transactions, and review key financial statements.
  • Once your books are in good shape, Subcity layers on top to break-down existing expenses into the granular COGS data needed for everyday tracking, project-level profitability analysis, and evaluating new opportunities.

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