Project Level Profitability

Supercharge Quickbooks with the data you need to drive your business

Subcity builds on top of your existing accounting system to break-down existing expenses into the granular COGS data needed for everyday tracking, project-level profitability analysis, and evaluating new opportunities. Through human classification and machine learning, every expense is tagged to revenue or project for expert P&L analysis.

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Comprehensive solution

Software and human expertise without the expensive consultants and ERP system

Quickbooks is great for accountants and financial reports for the overall business but falls short of the project-by-project view needed to understand profit-and-loss for each customer. Subcity offers:

  • Project level P&L statements
  • Component-level breakdown of each project
  • Understanding impact of changes to input costs or labor
  • A learning system that gets smarter with each project

Additionally, Subcity offers fractional CFOs and account reps who can assist directly in preparing custom reports and specific questions.

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The granularity a business owner needs from their financial data

  • Understand the profitability of each job and customer and which projects are costing you money!
  • All of the businesses expenses are already catalogued and included in company-level reports. Drill down into the COGS and labor to understand changes to input costs or staffing.
  • This tagging and analysis is the basic documentation the IRS requires for the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit which sets you up for streamlined filing each year.

How to get started

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