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We handle tax incentives, so American manufacturers don't have to.

Subcity is an online platform and team of experts designed to make the tax credit process fast and easy. Subcity handles everything: from identification of relevant programs, to qualification and application submission, through to collection and compliance.

Infrastructure. Inflation Reduction. Economic Recovery. CHIPS. These congressional bills are all coming online and being deployed. Get your application started today before the funds are gone.

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We’ll give you an assessment one way or the other in 5 minutes just by hearing where you are located, employee count, types of jobs, and rough growth plans over the next 3-5 years.

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If we decide there are programs that are worth your time and you want Subcity to work with your CPA and bookkeeper to file the application, all you’ll need to do is provide the documentation we request, we do the work, and take a 10% success fee when the credit is received.

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We want every small and medium-sized manufacturer to feel like they have a Fortune 500 team of tax, legal, and finance experts over their shoulder. Subcity is built for:

  • Growing manufacturers (under 200 employees)
  • With small finance teams underserved by QuickBooks
  • Who want to grow the value of their business.

Our suite of financial products and services lets business owners control and manage cashflow, understand and improve their profitability, and collect the incentives and tax credits that were designed to help them create jobs, invest in their communities, and grow their business.

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