Government Incentives and Tax Credits Book

Government Incentives & Tax Credits

by Alexander S. White, Gil Gonzales

The purpose of this book is simple—to provide the finance professionals who support small and medium-sized businesses with the information they need to help their clients to identify and apply for economic incentives and tax credits.

Large corporations have expensive consultants, tax attorneys, and government relations teams working on their behalf, helping them access government incentives. For the average small and medium-sized business, however, these types of specialized services are beyond the realm of possibility.

By educating finance professionals and business owners about what incentives are available, simplifying the application processes, and enhancing transparency, we can level the playing field and ensure that small businesses benefit equitably from these programs that were designed to help them succeed.

We will answer the questions you are most likely to have concerning economic incentives, such as:

  • What are economic incentives and why are they offered?
  • How much is available and how do I know what each of the businesses that I work with qualifies for?
  • Where and when do I apply for economic incentives?
  • How do I stand up an incentive practice to drive revenue and value for me and my clients?
  • How do I stay current with the latest programs, changing guidelines, and updates?

Government Incentives and Tax Credits

Economic incentives by state in 2024

A Practical Guide for Accountants, Bookkeepers, CPAs, and Finance Professionals Who Work With Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

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